Justin F. Zubrod, Sr.
Managing Partner

Justin Zubrod is the Founder and Managing Partner of Justin Zubrod & Company, a transportation and logistics advisory firm.  With associates from industry and consulting, the firm provides consulting services and counsel in the logistics, air, shipping, mining, truck, package, rail, and related service areas to operators (consulting), investors (due diligence), law firms (expert witness), and others.  The primary focus of the firm and Justin's personal work is on strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and performance enhancement.  He has a broad range of experience at working with management teams at all levels  the board, senior management, line and staff executives to address challenges, improve their positioning, exploit competitor weaknesses in the freight and logistics sector.  In addition, his work often engages a broad range of stakeholders customers, vendors, regulators, unions, and the like.

Prior to starting Justin Zubrod & Company Justin was managing partner of Zubrod/Clair & Company,  Additionally, Justin led the commercial transportation consulting practices for a number of leading consulting firms including Booz & Company (2007-2010), Booz Allen Hamilton (2004-2007), and A.T. Kearney (1987-2004).  Justin was an elected partner/ shareholder with each of these firms, and played numerous leadership roles such as Chairman of the Officer Leadership Council, Chair of the Officer and Principal Selection Committees at A.T. Kearney, and member of the Partner Assessment Committees at both Booz Allen and its successor, Booz & Co.  Beyond those roles, Justin actively consulted with clients in virtually all modes.  He continues to spend 90% of his time with clients.  Justin’s client work has been global with extensive experience in the U.S., Canada, China, Europe, New Zealand, South America, and Australia.  In prior jobs he has worked directly for United Airlines (flight operations), Conrail (sales/marketing), the U.S. Railway Association (government liaison), and the U.S. House of Representatives (legislative aide). 

For 12 years, Justin has been Chairman of the Business Advisory Council a group of over 100 transportation executives from around the world at the Northwestern University Transportation Center.  In addition, he has led their executive programs in freight for several years.  Justin has held several outside director/advisory board positions in industry (Kenan Advantage, The Busbank, DSC Logistics, and Clarendon Group) and has been on the advisory boards of numerous community and charitable organizations.  He has served as a special advisor to the World Economic Forum -- first on Travel & Transportation, then on Freight & Logistics.  He regularly makes speaking and panel appearances and is frequently quoted in the media. 

Justin received his MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, his BA from the University of Maryland; and has completed programs at Stanford Law (Directors College) and Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business (Negotiations Program).  He is a member of ATA, TIDA, CSCMP, DRI, TRB, IANA, NTTC, NIT League, and other industry groups.  Recently, Justin was named one of the 25 “Pioneers in Logistics” in the last 50 years by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.