Services That We Offer

The bedrock of our positioning in the market is leveraging deep expertise in transportation and logistics.  We know and study these sectors continuously — keeping ourselves on top of the pressing issues, the underlying economics, basis of competition, points of leverage, keys to future success, required functional excellence and the like.  Members of our client service teams on their own and with clients have had to work to stay successful in a dynamic and rapidly-changing transportation and logistics environment domestically and overseas.  The needs of our clients are many — some requiring insight and know-how, some requiring team and capability building, others benefiting from capital and investment.  We work with clients on both offensive and defensive measures in the market, as well as in the courts and regulatory arenas.  We work collaboratively on tough and challenging issues that can benefit from solid analyses and independent counsel.

We provide an array of services to meet these varied and changing needs. For example, Justin Zubrod & Company offers to operating management:

  • Issues-based management consulting
  • Best practices, benchmarking
  •  Competitive assessments
  • Capabilities critiques
  • Executive coaching
  • Growth strategies
  • Pricing/yield management
  • Performance improvement
  • Change management
  • Assessing customer needs/experience
  • Modeling and risk assessment
  • And, other areas

For the investment community we offer:

  • Candidate identification
  • Market definition, sizing
  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment
  • Competitive positioning
  • Growth/improvement planning
  • Crafting sales story
  • Articulating exit strategy

We work with clients to tailor an approach — we do not work from canned approaches and standard tools.  We work to leverage client team’s skills and knowledge, combined with our expertise and experience and independent judgement.