Our leadership are active in the broader industry dialogue.  In recent months, we have participated in the following events:


  • In The first quarter of 2019, Justin was asked to record a video on logistics for use on American Airline's in-flight entertainment program


  • November 8, 2018, Justin chaired the fall meeting of the Northwestern University Transportation Center Business Advisory Council of leading transportation executives, leading panels and presentations on intermodal growth, AI in logistics, disaster/event planning and recovery, and more

  • On November 1, 2018, Justin was a panelist at the Capital Roundtable in New York for their program “How PE Investors Are Piggybacking on Disruptors in Transportation and Logistics Sectors.” He was part of the panel concerning “Driverless Vehicles, Ride Sharing, and Electric Trucks — Turning Today’s Innovations into Tomorrow’s


  • From May 22nd to 24th, 2017, Justin led the annual Northwestern University Transportation Center Executive Education program on Freight. The three-day program entitled "Navigating the Growing Challenges from the First Mile to the Last Mile" — covered industry trends, all domestic and international modes and intermediaries through a combination of presentations, panels, and case studies involving roughly a dozen industry leaders and numerous professors. The program had the largest class in the program's history over the last decade

  • On May 16th, 2017, Justin participated on a panel at the CSCMP Chicago Roundtable annual meeting in Naperville, IL. The panel discussed private equity in transportation and logistics and included Gene Tyndall (Tomkins International), John Larkin (Stifel), and Greg Ritter (XPO Logistics). The discussion covered topics ranging from the need to finance the supply chain, the up- and down-sides of PE ownership, what happened to IPO's, and more

  • On May 4th, 2017, Justin moderated a panel on international trade at the Northwestern Transportation Center Business Advisory Council annual spring gathering of logistics and transportation executives. Other panelists included Northwestern Professor Larry Christiano and Kellogg Professor Phil Levy, along with industry thought leaders Dick Craig, CEO of MOL, and John Larkin, Managing Director at Stifel. The wider-ranging discussion included such topics as the cause and impact of the "Great Recession", implications of slower growth in trade volumes, expectations of the new administration, turmoil in the marine sector, and the need for carriers to do more with less in this new environment


  • On June 6th, 2016, Justin led a panel entitled "Analysis, Trends, Forecasts: Understanding the Economy's Impact on Transportation and Logistics" at the annual meeting of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA) in Ft. Lauderdale, leading a discussion among four industry CEOs

  • On June 1st & 2nd, 2016, Justin was one of 50 industry executives who were invited to the 40th anniversary of the creation of Conrail, participating in the panel on understanding lessons learned from the historic restructuring of the Northeast railroad system

  • At the Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC) Spring 2016 meeting, Justin chaired his final Business Advisory Council (BAC) meeting after serving as its Chairman for over 10 years. The gavel was handed over to Jeff Silver, CEO of Coyote Logistics, who will now lead the BAC. Justin will continue as a member

  • At the same meeting of the BAC, Justin facilitated a panel on "The Economy, Energy, and Transportation Pricing". Another Justin Zubrod & Company team member, Timothy Jones, facilitated a panel discussion entitled "The Changing Environment for Package Delivery"

  • On April 21st, 2016, Justin was honored to serve as Master of Ceremonies at the memorial for the late Aaron Gellman, former professor at the Northwestern Kellogg School, long time Director of the NU Transportation Center, and beloved member and thought leader of transportation community worldwide

  • Justin was co-leader, along with Hani Mahmassani, Director of the NUTC, of the fifth annual Executive Education Series on Freight Transportation and Logistics at Northwestern University. In addition to managing the three-day program, which included participation of more than 20 faculty/speakers, Justin delivered a lecture on the "Changing Landscape of North American Freight Transportation"


  • Northwestern University Transportation Center Business Advisory Council fall meeting (Justin Zubrod led panel on impact of Suez and Panama Canals, November, 2015)

  • Northwestern University 60th Anniversary Celebration (Justin Zubrod delivered opening speech on growth and change in transportation over the last 60 years)

  • DSC Logistics senior leadership meeting — providing an overview of outlook for transportation and logistics (Justin Zubrod, October, 2015)

  • Chicago Traffic Club Business Seminars, moderating the panel on growing the top line (Justin Zubrod, November, 2015)

  • Fourth Annual Freight Executive Program at Northwestern University Transportation Center (Justin Zubrod and Tim Jones taught modules)

  • Transport Topics, December 2014, Shift in Freight Demand Strains Shippers, Fleets (Justin Zubrod)

This section will be updated as additional events take place.