Working With You

Our business model is one in which the leaders of the firm work directly with clients.  Unlike other firms, senior leadership does not delegate the work and client interaction to junior members of the firm.  Rather, the leadership is actively engaged from the initial proposal discussions to the final deliverable and counseling well beyond.  We like to say that we are “more gray than green”.

There are many “consulting” competitors in this sector.  Many, in effect, do studies — cranking out information from the internet and secondary sources.  While it may look polished/professional, it is often misleading.  Justin Zubrod & Company approaches our clients differently — senior involvement, active listening and mutual dialogue, debating the issues determining what needs to be done at what pace with what kinds of resources.  

Every organization is different and brings a unique collection of experience and resources to the table.  Canned proposals, over-used approaches, stale qualifications and fancy brochures do not add value.  Rather, it is the ability to talk about and wrestle with the issues.  Further, impressive resumes, senior titles and extended tenure do not provide insight — having the experienced folk on site, working with the leadership gets the work done and “solve the problem”.  Finally, thick decks and fancy presentations may impress — but they do not create the necessary dialogue for acceptance, agreement and action.

We have worked hard to develop a delivery model at Justin Zubrod & Company that is known for:

  • Senior engagement from start to finish
  • The “A” team, not the “bench”
  • Hands-on, collaborative working style and teaming at all levels
  • Practical change management through people, not reports
  • Fact-based analyses — not opinions or hunches
  • A listening and learning culture
  • Independence and judgment — not driven by “closing the deal”
  • Tailored approaches — and the ability, willingness to divert when needed
  • Client service teams trained, apprenticed by the leading consulting firms
  • A "deliverables" focus throughout
  • Ethical behavior above all — professionally, administratively, personally

We believe that we are different and distinctive – and our clients can attest to that fact.  We are committed to the transportation and logistics sectors and the success of not only our clients, but their people at all levels.